• K Pomeroy

    Pamela Williams, please don’t move away if, God forbid, Hillary “wins” this rigged election. Stay and help us all fight the corruption of the Clinton crime family and the ruling elite. The election would not mean the end of the fight. It would mean the beginning. It’s a movement, and people are not going to give up.

    • Casara

      I am Pam…I used to go by my middle name, Casara. I won’t move, but all this corruption is getting to me. Everyone on Hillary’s side have all of these ties to everyone else, and they all can pull strings for her. It is as if she cannot lose. What are we going to do is she wins? Really?

      • K Pomeroy

        Hi Pam, thanks for answering. Your question presents a challenge. If Hillary were to win, journalists would have to keep writing the truth wtih ever more power and courage, knowing the people are with us. Trump would have to sue. Hackers would have to reveal still more. The Republicans would have to fight harder than ever. Hillary would be impeached, as would Tim Kaine. Her failed administration would galvanize the nation. A Hillary win, if accepted, would mean the U.S. had become an outright dictatorship. People aren’t going to accept this. The FBI, the Border Patrol, the police and the Generals who endorsed Trump won’t accept it. Meanwhile, we have to believe TRUMP WILL WIN.

        • Casara

          And thank God…he did!

  • Skip Mun

    Go ahead leave. We don’t weak, un-american’s here, just go now and stop writing such worthless dribble!

    • Casara

      Be nice, Skip.

  • John Day

    This article is written in past tense — is there something we don’t yet know?

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    No need to plan on moving away as DONALD will win by a landslide and save this country from utter ruin. During the last few minutes of the RNC Cleveland Convention my son and I saw a woman talking into her newspaper thin silver metal bracelet. We think she was a time traveller coming back to watch Donald’s triumph convention. This was on CSPAN. She was a woman with white hair aged around 55-60 wearing red. She never picked up any balloons or any other mementos of her stay. My son and I really got the feeling that she was from the future. Since when does anyone talk into their bracelet? Not now but surely in the future.

  • David Rowley

    Hoping President Trump will bring Julian Assange home to America and let him continue his mission of disseminating truth.