HYPER INFLATION, THE DEATH OF THE PETROL DOLLAR, CHAOS: Man Who Predicted No Fed Tapering Now Says To Expect Chaos

On the back of a wild week of trading in global markets, today the 42-year market veteran, who correctly predicted on Tuesday that the Fed would not taper, is now warning King World News that we should expect chaos in the aftermath of this week’s historic events. He also discussed what all of this means for gold and silver.

Not only will there be no tapering, but my forecast is that during 2014 QE will increase substantially. In fact, we could easily see QE double in 2014, and later on I expect trillions of dollars, and eventually even tens of trillions of dollars of money printing each year. This will also mean increased turmoil and chaos in global markets.

So the US is now on the road to hyperinflation. Hyperinflation arises as a result of a collapsing currency and this is exactly what is happening to the US dollar.


HYPER INFLATION AND THE DEATH OF THE PETROL DOLLAR. Hyperinflation arises as a result of a collapsing currency

Ron Paul on U.S. Fed QE – Prepare for the Destruction of the Dollar

Dr Paul: Prepare for the destruction of the dollar and the crash of the bond market one day. The bond bubble is weakening although the interest rates have doubled in the last year.


Ron Paul – Bernanke Said The US Economy Is In Bad Shape! He’s Getting Out Before Collapse!

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U.S. Economy Stagnates Even With Massive Printing

I don’t know how long this sort of Fed induced lunacy can continue, but real signs are pointing to an economy that is still stagnating even with the trillions of dollars of money printing.


The World’s Most Evil Corporation Issues A Dire Warning

The global elite would only want massive amounts of gold because something bad is about to happen to the dollar. When the dollar collapses, the elite, courtesy of the Goldman Sachs brokers will be sitting in a great position in which they hold the on…



The implications of the Fed not going ahead with tapering are bad for the dollar and won’t stop bond yields at the long end from rising.  It shows that the whole US economy is in a massive debt trap that cannot be addressed for powerful reasons. The reality is the expansion of cash and deposits in the US banking system is tending towards hyperinflation and is proving impossible to stop. That is the message from this week’s FOMC meeting, and I expect it to gradually dawn on investors world-wide in the coming weeks.



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