‘I felt like a criminal’: Mother thrown out of library by security guard for breastfeeding her son

Library staff have been forced to apologise to a mother after one of their security guards asked her to leave – for breastfeeding in public.

Hadley Barrows was trying to nurse her son discreetly on a bench in the Minneapolis Central Library, Minnesota when the guard approached her.

‘He said I was either going to have to take it outside or go in the bathroom,’ Barrows told WCCO-TV.

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Outrage: Hadley Barrows was asked to leave a library after a security guard saw her breastfeeding her son on a bench in the atrium

‘He said, you’re not even covered up, you’re just showing everyone: indecent exposure.’

Embarrassed, she immediately went to a librarian, who agreed she needed to move somewhere private to breastfeed.

‘There are enough obstacles to nursing as it is, without having people make you feel like a criminal for doing it,’ she told the station.

Minnesota law states a mother can breastfeed in any location, be it public or private.

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