I need for this whole charade to collapse before I get ground into financial dust….

This machine is destroying the middle class.

It’s destroying what jobs I use to have coming in.

It’s destroyed my industry.

It’s bailing out the rich through QE welfare candy for wall street, and foodstamp cellphone candy for the poor.

Meanwhile the gap is growing, and we are all getting weaker.

Yet, everyone I talk to says don’t do anything, I’ve listened for the last three years as one dooms day prediction after another has come and gone. Every time I think the elite are about to be dethroned Icelandic style, they break a law that is totally ignored, never prosecuted, and allows them to keep the charade going for another couple months. Bailouts, money creation, theft like MF Global, laundering money like HSBC, and yet no one goes to jail.

I’ve come to understand that TOO BIG TO FAIL means one thing, it means the destruction of the middle class, and the strip mining of our nation.

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So many people have lost everything, many others are struggling, and yet even more are cheating, or turning to criminal activity just to survive, including the states that have legalized everything lately except for prostitution.

I have no more dreams, and I was a dreamer.
There is no future, they’ve taken that away.

I thought whenever they shredded the constitution that it would be over, that people would be outraged, yet nothing. It seems like everyone is wanting to pretend as long as they get theirs for just a little longer.

If government workers, pensioners, and those who receive from the government which is now a majority want to keep pretending, I have finally realized that anyone working for it, saving, or trying to build a future, will have all their labor stolen, and their lives ruined. Yet with a super majority of Americans now hanging on by their fingernails, they are not willing to lose what they believe is entitled to them in a entitlement society.




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