I will never vote Democrat again.

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4 Responses

  1. Biff322 says:

    Don’t worry, they’ll vote six times in your name in six different districts.

    • tom says:

      Trump made headway with DEMOCRATIC leadership last week, against high people ion his OWN party. maybe Congress is where Trump should spend most of his days, instead of rubbing elbows with war criminals who seem to have Trump under some sort of spell. If Trumpism cannot survive its OWN Party, then what party does need rejuvenation right now? That’s right, the Dems? Is there any law that says a President cannot cooperate with Congressmen from the other party? Is that “racist” too? If we saw a dynamo in the election ready to take on the establishment, then maybe we’re finally seeing something make holes in that paper bag we call government- maybe Trump will rip the bag open yet and be free to enact his vision on America. That’s what frightens the Big Money Party, the party BTW that owns ALL major media, or should I say, the Trump Lynch Leaders, Inc.? If the Parties DID flip flop on the issue of aggression towards anything Israel wants us to, then you just might vote Democrat again. What’s in a name? It’s what’s inside that counts!

  2. amuncat says:

    I’m black and became an Independent during Obama’s second election…never looked back!

  3. CHUCKMAN says:

    Well, the smarter thing to say would be, “I will never vote Democrat or Republican again.”

    Both parties mean nothing to the average American.

    Both parties are about money and serve money’s interests.

    And both parties support empire and the war machine.

    Neither party gives a damn about the average person except every four years offering enough empty rhetoric to get his or her vote.

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