IDF Fires Tammuz Missile Destroying Syrian Military Post After Golan Attack On Israeli Troops!! Is This The Opening Salvo!?

The IDF opened fire at a Syrian military post on Sunday after the Syrians opened fire at IDF soldiers. The IDF used a Tamuz anti-tank guided missile at a Syrian post in the Tel Fares area in the southern Golan Heights. There were no casualties on the Israeli side. The Syrian post was destroyed and two armed Syrians were wounded.

The shooting along the frontier in the Golan Heights was one of the most serious incidents between the countries since Syria’s civil war erupted two years ago

Following the incident, construction of the northern border fence was halted. Army presence in the area has been increased with the IDF on high alert.

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On Saturday, an IDF patrol convoy in the Golan Heights came under rifle fire from the same Syrian army post as fighting continued along Israel’s borders with Israel and Jordan. No one was hurt, but the rounds caused damage to several IDF patrol vehicles.


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