Idiot Gives His Farewell Speech And Boy Can He Lie! Racism, Obamacare, The Economy

Obama is the worst president of the United States. public enemy number one. enemy of the state.

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  • Ideas Time

    I don’t know anyone who cared enough to watch Usurper Obam lie some more.

  • Hanomy

    We shouldn’t give too much power to one man or one entity to start with. We now have technologies that can get people directly involve in all decision makings. The whole social, financial, and political systems we current have are no longer serve the humanity the way it should. I have found a solution. It’s all in Hanomy Manifesto which can be downloaded/reviewed at It’s implementation will take just few short years after people demand it. Please help me spread the word and make it goes viral. We all can start anew pulling what are best from the current system and flood the bad ones. Here is Hanomy Basic page you will find on the 112 pages document. Thank you.

    world and our future depends on the ability to recognize
    and accept man’s mistakes…to comprehend humanity’s
    true situation, how we arrived at it, and what we can
    do to amend our destructive path. A rapidly growing number
    of people are not only able to digest our impending realities
    but are intensely seeking viable strategies to avert foreseeable
    and alarming consequences. Hanomy is a calculated strategy,
    if not solution, to our exploited social, financial, and
    political systems currently driven by greed and power.
    It provides basic human needs without condition. It observes
    basic human rights and allows people to experience life
    according to their views. It gives authority of money
    creation back to the people, ensures advanced technology
    serves all of humanity, and instills long lasting peace,
    prosperity, and harmony around the world.

    Highlights of Hanomy:

    • Fundamental human needs met throughout life’s existence

    • Basic human rights observed everywhere

    • Sovereign debts worldwide are settled and eliminated

    • Upheld liberty and freedom

    • Financial contributions drawn from a portion of idle/unutilized money

    • No taxes on income, profit or spending

    • Interest charges and usury practices abolished

    • Power of money creation where it belongs – the people

    • An end to the fractional reserve system

    • Upheld free market principles (true capitalism but with social responsibility)

    • Decreased or dissolved inflation and hyperinflation

    • Reduced income inequality

    • An end to corporate welfare

    • Advanced technology benefiting humanity

    • Freedom of time for quality of life and caregiving

    • Prohibited conditions for authoritarianism

    • Preserved sovereignty and respected borders

    • An end to “modern day slavery” (this includes you)

    • Improved care of the environment and world resources

    • A world we’re proud to claim and pass along

    • Jeff Labonte

      SOCIALISM by any other word is still objectionable to me and any freedom loving people.

      • Hanomy

        I think you didn’t get to read the document. Hanomy is far from socialism. It is actually encourage true capitalism. Capitalism will flourish under Hanomy. Please take time to review it. I don’t like NWO as much as you do. But we have to find a new system that include everyone not just the elite. Technology is there to help us achieve this.

        • darin w smith

          Tyour pushing it on the wrong country

          • Hanomy

            I don’t think I push it in the wrong country. It’s a worldwide system not just a country. USA is the country I need the support from because the USA is the key player …. simply because of debt level and the dollar. Pension funds soon to collapse as well. In all if MSA rate is 2.5% a month, those with less than $130,000 in CASH will not see anything taken from them at all. They only benefit. Only a single digit of people in the US has that much cash on hand not being utilized. Those with more, will have protection against inflation which could turn to hyper inflation quickly. Best of all, people get freedom to pursue their dreams and free from being taxed and a whole lot more. Crimes, wars, immigration crisis will be gone.

          • Hanomy

            On top of that, US already has welfare program and medicate/care. These programs will be eliminated as well because the GBI (Global Basic Income) will take care of it. Countries in Europe of even the CEO of Tesla in the US even said we need universal basic income UBI Many countries now testing this concept. I am all for it but it has to be done the right way, not from taxing productive member of society but from money not being utilized. As AI and advance technologies come about, 50% of jobs in US will be gone in less than a decade. If there is no system in place to deal with it, we will have social problem that will be added on to debt problem. Hanomy has solution for this. People will just have to read and understand it. Then they will see how beautiful it is … things just work after you turn the concept of money upside down. The elites and the rich can participate as well. It leaves nobody out. They will just lose the grip on ordinary people. They have to earn respect the honest way. No more earning power from control,but from respect and doing good. I just need the mass to aware of Hanomy and demand it. Then we can have a better world for all.

        • Jeff Labonte

          LOOK you sick bastard, what you describe is in FACT a fucking SOCIALIST WETDREAM.
          Sell you shit elsewhere.

          • Hanomy

            Could you just take time to review the document first? True capitalism will flourish under Hanomy. Is taxing socialist? I could argue that it is. Is welfare socialist? I could argue that it is. USA has both.

          • Jeff Labonte
          • Hanomy

            Let’s discuss the content instead of name calling. What is it that you don’t like and that you think it’s socialist? Again, I could argue that the current taxing and welfare policies are socialist. What is your take on taxing and welfare? If you understand Hanomy, you would know that it’s far from socialist … one component that may fall under what you say “socialist” is the MSA on money that is not being utilized beyond MABA. Let’s discuss it.

      • Sam P

        Jeff, it seems you’re being rather harsh and dismissive of one of a few people out there seeking SOLUTIONS to a problem we ALL are facing. Rather than “write off” what you clearly DON’T understand (because you apparently refuse to), why don’t you take the time to educate yourself. It may take me a while to thoroughly read the young man’s proposal, but skimming through – it would appear that with over 100 pages, real-time data with 50+ nations budgeted out for decades and the author’s grasp on our worldwide financial crisis, you yourself have contributed little in return here other than an outstanding opinion and lack of insight. Seriously…Don’t play into the typical role of a comment-section-troller…offering self-satisfying labels to things you now in this thread wish to shrug off because you’re having difficulty holding your own in an unexpected intelligent conversation.

    • Wrong_Century

      Go start your own country somewhere else.

      • Hanomy

        Please take your time and review the document. You will understand the concept then we can talk about it. At least I am offering a solution instead of just shooting it down out right. If you think the current systems are sustainable then I have nothing to offer you. I do not think it is especially when AI will be taking away half of the job in 10 years. Again, any constructive debate is welcome. But please review the document first. Many answers will be found there.

  • cold340t

    Didn’t watch but, he is correct about racism as it affected every aspect of his TWO terms. Blaming the “Black guy” for EVERYTHING left in place by Bushjr./Cheney that has befell this Country since 9/11 (New Pearl Harbor). ALL Pres.Obama’s fault! Not the TREASONOUS CABAL who met PRIOR to his Inauguration to UNDERMINE and ENSURE he has a LEGACY of Failure. 16yrs. plus of Bushjr./Cheney policies and he gets ALL THE BLAME. No Racism here, for the Mooslum, Halfbreed/Kenyan. Nope not a pinch of Racism towards him, none. Nada, zero, ZILCH for “Obongo”. Nope. Racism doesn’t exist in USA, nope. Right!

    • NobodysaysBOO

      BS! this TRASH RACIST did their bidding and behaved much worse than the FOOL George Bush, HANGING BOTH with their DANCING JEWS that DID 911 on msm TV is way to good for these TRAITORS.


    Democrats were successful in keeping Bernie Sanders out of the White House

  • anonymous4u4me

    The idiots are those that followed and voted for him twice, those that still believe him.

  • darin w smith

    What a racist our soon to be ex-president is. Holly cow, I ‘ve never seen anything like it.