If this guy happened to be black though it would be all over the MSM & BLM would be going apeshit…


“Chief Bob Haley said a Wagoner County Deputy pulled Henson over, that’s when he found out Henson had a felony arrest warrant out of Mississippi for burglary. The chase ended when officers say Henson rear-ended one of the patrol cars and clipped it, causing him to spin out and roll his car.

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Wagoner police say Reynolds got out of his car, telling Henson to come out with his hands up, but, they said Henson, instead, hid behind his car.

That’s when they say Henson darted out, pointed his hands in the shape of a gun at the officer, telling the officer “you’re going to have to kill me

“Reynolds fired four rounds, thinking Henson had pointed a real gun at him.”



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