If you are asking why the surge of Hollywood Pedophiles is now happening it was reported in June that it was coming.

by wildfireonvenus

June 14 2017– Attorney General Jeff Sessions prepped 1500 members of law enforcement officers for the fight against sex trafficking during a motivational speech on June 6 at the National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation in Atlanta.

Sessions said that through Trump’s executive orders, he’s directed the Department of Justice to reduce crimes especially on young people. “We will make the fight against child exploitation and human trafficking a top priority,” Sessions said.

Despite critics who claim the unprecedented increase in sex trafficking arrests aren’t due to Trump’s efforts, nothing could be further from the truth. I reported in February that during Trump’s first month in office there were a staggering 1500 plus pedophile arrests made. Since then, there have been well over 3000 arrests. Meanwhile, as I reported in March, the Russian conspiracy theory the left and globalists have pushed so hard is nothing more than a manufactured lie to distract from sex trafficking. The sex trafficking epidemic in the elite circles – dubbed Pedogate — is rampant. “This is so massive of a scandal it’s like Watergate on steroids,” the source said. “Everyone is distracted by fake news but this is the biggest scandal of the century and the truth will come out.”

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On June 10, there is a 50 state demonstration to draw attention to the elite pedophilia problem. Our Children Matter – an organization created after the Podesta e-mails revealed the use of pedophile code words and terms according to their site — organized the nationwide march.

Navy Seal Craig Sawyer started the nonprofit Veterans for Child Rescue to go after the elite pedophile rings. Sawyer said he went independent since gatekeepers in the media aren’t interested in shining a light on this topic.

“One aspect of this, some of them are actually into Satanic rituals and torturing them to death…little infants and toddlers. It’s really hard to digest but I’m getting high-level information about it from federal law enforcement and the intelligence community.”

When the truth comes out about how rampant child sex trafficking is in this country, particularly among the elites, the public will remember the who had the courage to address this horrendous issue and who chose to turn a blind eye to the rape and torture of infants and kids. As Sawyer pointed out, thankfully we now have a President dedicated to stopping this evil that’s plagued our great nation for too long. “We’ve got a President now who’s not OK with children being raped and tortured to death so thank God,” Sawyer said.



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