If you want this to be your future as a customer, just keep on saying nothing.


Why the right time to dismantle Microsoft is right now

Microsoft is a globalist company selling its products largely these days via ‘forced’ distribution to either hardware manufacturers (as factory fitted) or the larger multiple retailers (on a ‘stock this product with the software or else’ basis). They’re thus based on muscle (there’s little sign of any brain being applied to the software beyond that of a malware creator) and threat.

If ever there was a company ripe for a trust/monopoly investigation, this one is it. France managed to get one together a few years back, but few other “governments” have the bottle…and the same thing applies to Google, Orange, Newscorp and all the other usual suspects.

Because the parallax of Big M’s bubble-vision is trained upon suppliers rather than end consumers, the utter lack of any respect for, or interest in, consumer needs and complaints has been apparent for years. Thus, just about every user and reviewer on the planet has rubbished Windows 8, but with the current mainstream pc products available here in France you will not able to buy anything new without it. It is the equivant of Nazi soldiers receiving desert socks wih their Russian winter supplies in 1941 because the fuhrer had decreed that the Russian foe would be defeated before the winter…and nobody dared contradict Der Chef. Today, Microsoft’s odd nerds have created a bum product, but the almighty Wall Street and its eternally infernal shareholders insist there must be 25% net profit growth, so the customer is force-fed a software system with St Vitus Dance and educational sub-normality built-in.

People keep insisting I go back to Macs, but there are two reasons I don’t want to: first, there’s nothing wrong with the best pc hardware (which I like using, and have grown accustomed to over fifteen years) – the problem is the software; and second, I’m a bloody-minded cussed sod who detests bullying in all its forms. I’m f**ked if I know why I should go back to school to learn Macspeak  just because the millowner is a gangster.

So last week I went to a large French dealer and bought a powerful little notebook. It had 8.1 on it (supposed to be an improvement) and of course, at the set-up stage Microsoft did its usual impression of Hal the psycho space mainframe: you try to say no, and it stops until you say yes. So in the end you say yes because life’s too short.

Big M demanded a password; so I supplied one, got into my own computer which they didn’t make but for which I needed their permission, did some prep work, and went off to lug some more stones up to a rockery.

When I came back, Microsoft didn’t like my password. It was incorrect, they said. So I emailed the French office, which was a bit like whispering at a stone wall, and then the States. Two days later a reply came back from the US: they were appalled. They were sad. They felt “empathy with my product experience” and couldn’t apologise enough. They gave me a new password. I typed it in. It was incorrect, they said. Please resolve this via our live help centre.

The Microsoft live call centre is in New Zealand and entirely run by people with English as a second language. English is still the most commonly spoken language on Earth, and New Zealand is a minute country six hours plus from almost everywhere. The excitingly branded Live Call Centre is open from 9 until 5 NZ time, which is 10 pm to 7 am here. So for most of the US and all of Europe, it’s about as attractive a proposition as a bromine saboteur in a Viagra factory.

I set the alarm for 4.30 yesterday morning, but as I was about to head for bed, the French replied. They were sad. They felt “empathy with my product experience” and couldn’t apologise enough. Indeed, so excellent is the Big M coordination, that the apology was, word for word, exactly the same as the one from California. Amazing. They too suggested the LCC in Kiwiland. For the fun of it, I replied to say I was just putting the moose-head up now, Sybil.

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When I woke up at 4.30am, I got through to the LCC and was asked seven questions to get me to the right person. Then I arrived at a reception desk and spoke for five minutes to a young woman who pretty obviously was the wrong person. She put me through to Support, where an answering machine said they’d all gone home and please could I call back during office hours.

So I rang back, answered the same seven questions and got through to another reception desk. I complained about the risible service her employer provided. She told me she wasn’t qualified to comment on that issue, but how could she help. I went off on one a bit, and she put the phone down.

Seven questions later, a bloke came on the line and listened to a calmer Me explaining the problem. I said I wanted a way into the laptop that didn’t involve having Microsoft as my new best friend, and he said he could give new pisswode. I said the track record of Big M’s passwords wasn’t that great, and he said he could give me new pisswode.

We went on unhappily like this for a few minutes and then, under duress, he gave up on the pisswode sell and offered me a link to tinyurl, a site that appears nowhere on Microsoft sites, but is actually a live ‘text-chat’ with an engineer.

I went there and it said waiting time 1 minute. 75 minutes later I gave up and went back to bed.

Now what’s pretty obvious from the above saga is that Microsoft is taking the piss. They don’t actually GAF about the consumer, because neither market pressures nor governments with cojones are around to make them care. They exist as a bullying monopolist in an increasingly corporatist world where the needs and rights of the citizens (97%) are being exchanged for the richesse of the fat suits and their fellow-sociopaths on the world’s bourses (3%).

Not only is this system blindingly obviously dysfunctional from top to bottom, it is also socially dangerous: giving jobs to skilled technicians has been eschewed in favour of selling them offshore to underpaid robots. When that fails, lies are told and empty promises made, because compared to the need to ship boxes and deliver that boddom line guys, all else pales into barely legible graffiti on the walls of a chatroom somewhere.

So here we have Microsoft, a globalist bullying monopoly selling third-rate turds to increasingly poor consumers. It is above the laws of either markets or constitutions, and it is as good a predictor of the future we face as any you might find. It destroys jobs and pays subsistence wages to most of its staff. And its commitment to caring service is roughly on a par with the Israeli commitment to free 5-star food in Gaza.

There exist a few people here and there who have made a close study of the obscenely upside-down outlook of this and other similar companies. Quite rightly, they’re making a very good living sorting out the problems of those customers are the bottom end of the food chain. I’m going to see one of them this afternoon.

Instead of sucking up to the  Microsofts in our midst while sending 130% of our kids into increasingly laughable learning centres, we should be training most of them to be customer defenders…for which service there is a near-infinite market. Instead of sticking our arses in the air on corporate tax evasion, we should be returning to the small, community-based creative entrepreneurial capitalism. Instead of rolling over when forced to buy Windows 8, we should have legions of small businessmen and women spiking the sales plans of thick-necked people from silicone valley to Seattle.

But all that would require contemporary ‘democratic’ governments to be working for us, as opposed to those trying to turn us all into impoverished consumers of their unvarying gruel.

Microsoft is an evil company that needs to be destroyed. Such a task must start somewhere; and laugh if you like, but it starts right here, right now. If anyone has links to others with the same aim, can they please furnish me with those links. And if you think as I do, then get in touch. Something can be done in the way of effective peaceful resistance here, and it really is not impossible – or indeed anywhere near it.

More – much more – on this anon.


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