Illinois, full on Communist Police State

With the passing of “Public Act 097-0923”; I believe Illinois has just leapt out in front of the rest of the country, in the race to become a full blown communist police state.  I like to refer to this act as the  “Show me your papers you low life peasant, act”.  In what I see as an ongoing battle to demoralize the masses of unemployed and underemployed in Illinois, the State Legislation has created a new means of picking on the peasants.  This new act which appears to have been originally written to stop the theft of street signs now applies to all metals in the recycling industry.


Now for someone to recycle scrap metals in Illinois they must show their valid ID with name and address, have it scanned into a computer or photocopied.  Then the license plate of the vehicle carrying the material must be recorded.  A description of the metal purchased and the weight must be recorded in addition to photographs or video or both the seller and the materials as presented on the scale.

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The best part is rather than having an assumption of innocence you must also sign a form each time stating where the metals came from and that you did not steal them.  And if you thought you were gonna get some quick off the books cash out of that scrap you thought wrong.  If it is worth more than $100.00 it has to be in a form that can be tracked, the good old check.  I can hardly wait to see what the IRS has in store for all those farmers and businesses scrapping out old equipment so they can keep their employees on the payroll.


Congratulations Comrads! Illinois is now the leader in the communist police state race.




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