IMPLOSION ALERT: Stock Market Sentiment Is Perilously Close To All-Out Euphoria Even There Is Almost ZERO Corporate Earnings Growth In The Current Quarter. Stocks Are Set For A Possible Repeat of 1987 Crash!!

CITI: Stock Market Sentiment Is Perilously Close To All-Out Euphoria

Citi’s Chart of the Month is an update to the firm’s proprietary “Panic/Euphoria” model.

Simply put, when investors are panicking, then it’s probably a good time to buy.  If investors are euphoric, then it’s probably time to sell.

Here’s a historical look at Citi’s model:



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Stocks Are Set for a Possible Repeat of 1987! Says Marc Faber

Stocks are up big to start 2013 but Marc Faber, Editor & Publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, says it ends in tears.

“Either the market is going to correct more meaningfully now or we have a shallow correction and a continuously rising market until July or August,” Faber told me via phone from Thailand. If stocks don’t pullback soon, he says we risk a repeat of 1987 when stocks rallied 40% into summer only to collapse 41% in 2 months.

“In March of 2009 everything looked horrible, now nobody can find a reason why stocks could go down,” Faber claims. “We ask that you should buy stocks when everything looks horrible, you shouldn’t rush to buy them when everything looks perfect.”


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