In 18 Years, Messages Beamed Out into Space Will Reach a Distant Star System Known as Gliese 526…

You Can Now Send Personalized Messages Into Space

In 18 years, messages beamed out into space from Earth by a new alien-messaging project Monday (June 17) will reach a distant star system known as Gliese 526.

Officials with the Lone Signal project — a newly launched website designed to send user-written notices to any extraterrestrials who may receive them — hope that their messages might open the first dialogue between Earth and other intelligent life forms.

One of the company’s first message beamed to the Gliese 526 system, located 17.6 light-years from Earth was sent by famous futurist Ray Kurzweil and reads: “Greetings to Gliese 526 from Singularity University. As you receive this, our computers have made us smarter, the better to understand you and the wisdom of the universe…”

Now, send messages to aliens

Scientists working with Lone Signal have picked out a particular spot in space. All messages sent through the project’s network will be transmitted to a star system called Gliese 526, which is located about 17.6 light-years from Earth, reported.

Researchers haven’t found any planets orbiting the red dwarf star yet. But Gliese 526 is a good candidate for harbouring life, having been identified in the Catalog of Nearby Habitable Systems, said Lone Signal chief science officer Jacob Haqq-Misra.

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I’ve Sent a Music Message to the Aliens of Gliese 526. Let’s See If They Answer.

At 17:29 PT last night, I was the 84th person to send a binary text message to whoever (or whatever) may be on a planet (or planets) circling a star called Gliese 526, which is 17.2 light years (118,291,636, 552 miles) away in the constellation of Boötes. In the fall of 2030, the message will arrive. If there’s someone (or something) to receive and translate it, they’ll read “Do you need more Chuck Berry? We have some.” (If you don’t understand the deep cosmic significance of that question, go here.)

Animated GIF to be beamed into space as part of alien communication effort

n 2008 NASA decided to send one of the heights of modern art — The Beatles’ 1969 track “Across the Universe” — into the cosmos. And for 2013, one of the pillars of internet folk art is preparing for takeoff: An animated GIF is about to be sent into space for the first time ever. The message will be beamed over a giant radio dish in California tomorrow as part of the inaugural transmission of Lone Signal, a project that’s hoping to communicate with extraterrestrials. The GIF will be sent toward Gliese 526, a potentially habitable solar system 17.6 light years away. It should arrive there around 2031.


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