In 1912 there was no Federal Income Tax, no national debt, and NO FEDERAL RESERVE BANK! Now we are taxed slaves!

For a country that was founded on a tax revolution, the subject says it all. The massive amount of taxes that caused our ancestors to lead a revolution was 2% of their yearly income! That’s right they were so outraged by this attack on their freedom that they literally grabbed their guns and started blowing peoples heads off in the form of open warfare! What a bunch of radicals! The only difference between them and us, is that they wouldn’t stand for someone trying to take their freedoms, and we just simply won’t stand up for freedom. Argue if you will but facts are facts. For some their enslavement is too painful to acknowledge.

Two types of Government now exist on planet earth, the old fashioned dictatorships and those pretending to be free countries (USA, France, Germany, England, Japan, Ireland, etc. etc.) which are nothing more than bank owned dictatorships.

Pull back the curtain and there sits the Wizard!
Say hello to those who run your lives and farm all of us human cattle!

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If you’ll notice at the bottom of this list of who owns your ass, you will find none other than General Electric who guess what, didn’t pay a dime in taxes this year! Surprise surprise!

Read on below as all of those that are receiving payment from your enslavement post about the wonders and freedoms and benefits they are providing to you, that you cannot live without. They will post things like people worked harder back then, and act as if socialism invented the tractor, the telephone, electricity and everything else that has improved our lives today. Wait Watch and listen, here they come! Notice their arguments not one of them will be about your freedom, but the plastic beeds they trade back to you with the real labor you gave to them in the first place.


– GodFrequency


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