In-flight wi-fi to finally get faster with speeds in the air matching those on the ground

  • Gogo is the largest provider of in-flight Internet in the U.S.
  • New system will use a combination of satellites and cellular towers to connect airplanes to the Web at speeds six times faster than currently
  • Surfing in the air will be at least as fast as average speeds on the ground
  • Carriers using Gogo include Delta, Air Canada, SouthWest, Alaska, American, United, Frotier Airlines and US Airways

You may by soaring through the skies at hundreds of miles per hour but when it comes to surfing online at 35,000 ft, things can operate at snail’s pace.

Gogo, the company that provides the majority of wireless service on airplanes in the U.S. has said that things are about to speed up.

New technology will bring faster Internet speeds to airplanes by the end of next year.

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