India on the Brink

By James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

Far from being a month where the public (and thus the news cycle) goes on holiday, August of 2013 has been a month of incredible tumult, turmoil and upheaval around the world.

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The fate of Egypt continues to hang in the balance as the murderous military regime does battle with the authoritarian Muslim Brotherhood, squeezing the public in the middle. The Syrian situation threatens to explode once again, with reports and images suggesting a horrific (and highly dubious) chemical weapons attack has upset the balance of power in that NATO-backed overthrow of Assad’s government. The European sovereign debt crisis continues to simmer, with a third Greek bailout package looking more and more inevitable even as Greek unemployment hits record highs. Meanwhile back in the States, further indications of the NSA’s unconstitutional abuses continue to emerge while the UK government shows they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to take part in the crackdown on journalism.

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