Inflation Gauge Breaking Out, Fed Goes Bust, U.S. 10 Year Bond Rates Exploding, Preparing For War And Economy Collapse

The stock market has been down for days now, the plunge protection team and the high frequency traders have been trying to prop up the market but has not been successful. The FED has been talking about tapering, all signs looks like they are tapering as the market is falling. To push the market back up the FED says they might not taper. The US government is preparing to invade Syria but without using US troops, they will use trained paid troops to do the fighting. This way the US government hopes they will trick the Russian government in not getting involved.

How the Fed Goes Bust With Richard Ebeling

Inflation gauge breaking out, cause more trouble in bond land?


A wide variety of bonds have been under pressure since their May highs. This doesn’t just apply to Government bonds!  The above 4-pack reflects a cross section of bonds (Govt, High Quality Corp & Junk Bonds) that have been weak for months.

Now each of these bond ETF’s are breaking below a new rising support line. Does this have to do with the chart below, reflecting a rally in commodity prices of late?


The broad based Commodity index (CRX) is attempting to break above a resistance line that has been in place for the past couple of years at (1) above. Once the CRX started moving higher in April, bond prices have been weak.

Could a further rally in the CRX cause more troubles for bonds?  Sure could…. stay tuned and watch the CRX index very close in the next couple of weeks to see if it can close above this important resistance line!!!

U.S. 10 Year Bond Rates Exploding! Now @ 2.71%!

CBOE Interest Rate 10-Year T-No (^TNX)

New Cold War On The Corner?