Inflation Warning: Fast Food Workers Strike Nationwide Asking For Wages To Keep Up With Inflation, Many Work Long Hours & Are On Food Stamps & Other Government Subsidies Just To Survive

Fast Food Workers Strike Nationwide Asking For Wages To Keep Up With Inflation

Fast food workers strike nationwide asking for wages to keep up with Inflation. Many work long hours & are on food stamps & other Government subsidies just to survive.

Fast-Food Strike Means Time to Buy Gold

The key reason inflation has not rooted in America, despite the best efforts of the Fed to manufacture rising prices through dangerously unconventional monetary tinkering, is because zero wage pressure exists in the labor market.

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DEVELOPING: Fed Admits – “Excessive” Inflation (aka “hyperinflation”) Coming

Fed’s Bullard: Inflation low for now, but could be excessive in the future
The Federal Reserve is feeling blue

If money bought happiness, the Fed would be the happiest place on earth. The past few years, the Fed has enormously expanded its balance sheet—literally creating dollar denominated banking reserves out of thin air with a series of keyboard strokes.

Man Working At Chicago MCDONALD’S For 21 Years Still Making Minimum Wage

Tyree Johnson said he’s worked at McDonald’s for 21 years, but is still earning minimum wage — $8.25 an hour in Illinois for workers 18 and older; and $7.75 for those under the age of 18, or older employees on the job less than 90 days.

“Every time I ask for a raise, they tell me ‘You shouldn’t have joined that union, we’re not giving you no raise,’” he said.

Why stay at a job for 21 years at minimum wage?

“With the help of this union, I’m going to overcome this,” he said.

The workers said they’re tired of having to choose between paying the rent, or groceries.


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