Insider: Obama Openly Weeping: ‘They’re Going To Impeach Me’

A White House insider claims that Barack Obama has confided to friends, “They’re going to impeach me.”

That’s the revelation coming from the Globe which also claims that a distressed Obama “can’t eat or sleep” and “has been walking the White House’s halls at night, bizarrely staring at the portrait of Abraham Lincoln for inspiration.”

According to the tabloid, an “inside source” claims; “Numerous times his aides and friends have seen him openly weeping” and Obama “is petrified that he will have to resign in disgrace or be thrown out of office in disgrace.”

Of course, talk of impeachment is not confined to the tabloids. Andrew B Wilson recently opened an article, “Impeach Obama?” for the American Spectator by posing the question: “Don’t even think it, Rush says. But let’s think it anyway.”

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(Video) Impeach Obama by ‘TheAmazingAtheist’…

Obama has done something that he admitted in 2007 was unconstitutional. He should not be our president anymore.


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