Iran announced that it had intercepted a ‘drone’ U.S.

Iran announced that it had intercepted a ‘drone’ U.S.

Tehran announced that it had captured a ‘drone’ ScanEagle U.S.. The troops of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard report that the air vehicle was intercepted when it violated Iranian airspace above the waters of the Persian Gulf.

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the same thing happened last year on the same date.

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Iran’s military says it has shot down a US reconnaissance drone aircraft in eastern Iran, state TV reports. According to reports, Iranian authorities managed to seize the unmanned aircraft upon being downed, which they claim received “minimum damage.”

“Iran’s military has shot down an intruding RQ-170 American drone in eastern Iran,” an unnamed source has reportedly told Iran’s Arabic-language television network.

The RQ-170 sentinel “is a low observable unmanned aircraft system which the United States Air Force uses to “directly support combatant commander needs for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to locate targets.”


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