Iran Is Looking To Remove The Us Military Presence That Protects The Central Banks Interests In The Middle East. Be Prepared For A False Flag


Spain is going further into debt, the people of Spain are leaving to find work elsewhere. Ireland has paid off the debts to the EU or have they? The budget deal in the US benefits everyone but the people of the US. The US will not let Iran do business with foreign oil companies and Iran decided to call off the “nuclear” negotiations. The US can now point the finger at Iran not negotiating with US for peace. Iran is looking to remove the US military presence that protects the central banks interests in the middle east. Be prepared for a false flag.


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  • Heywood Jablohmee

    I hope Iran uses its massive amount of conventional weapons to wipe the goddam Israelis off the map. THEY are the problem and always has been,

    • Thom

      Why don’t you grab your gun and go to Iran and help them… and live there if you love them so much?

      • tom d

        Thom: Good advice to all the war mongers. Too bad we allow the blood thirsty war mongers and dual citizens to control our military. Did you read the congress just added hundreds of millions to the foreign aid package to build anti rocket defenses. The rockets if fired by the people of gaza do not need 70 thousand dollars rockets to protect. Maybe it is time to let people know that the people of Gaza were never part of Israel and they are occupied by a foreign nation.

    • ©?@®£€$ ?€N€¥

      Iran has been enriching “medical nuclides” for ten years or more. They can put a couple of pounds of powdered Cobolt-60 in each of their 7,000 medium range missiles and retaliate on Israel if they stupidly decide on a first strike on Iran, making it UNINHABITABLE for 5.27 years minimum, but leaving all infastructure ready for a move in in 6 years.
      Disperses even better when splatted up on their Iron Dome!!!!
      GAME OVER.

      • Thom

        yep, and then the camel jockey’s will have their deserts turned to glass and be off to meet Allah… works for me

  • Arizona

    JERUSALEM,is the apple of the LORDS eye,all you devil worshippers,WHO LIVE IN AMERICA,your going home soon ,you might want to pack your bags,YOUR DADDY LUCIFER is coming to get you……………………

  • usmcmailman

    I’m waiting !