Iran “very close” to crossing the red line laid… Producing 30 BOMBS a year! Have close to 200 kilos of uranium!!!

Iran eyes 30 nuclear bombs a year: Israel minister

Iran is working round the clock to enlarge its nuclear infrastructure with the eventual aim of developing an industry capable of building up to 30 bombs a year, an Israeli minister charged on Monday.

Speaking to reporters in Jerusalem, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said Tehran was “very close” to crossing the red line laid out by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last year.

Iran “very close” to red line, could soon produce 30 nuclear bombs a year, says Israeli intelligence minister

For the last two days, I’ve been in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, and the invitation of various Members of Parliament and Cabinet Members in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government. I’ve come to thank these leaders for Canada’s extraordinary international support for the State of Israel – I have long argued that PM Harper is the most pro-Israel leader in the world — and to discuss with them the dangers ahead with regards to Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and most serious Iran and its nuclear weapons program. More on that in a few days when my meetings are complete.

Israeli minister claims Iran wants to build 30 nuclear bombs a year

“The Iranians are getting very close now to the red line… They have close to 200 kilos — 190 kilos (418 pounds) — of 20 percent enriched uranium,” Steinitz said.

“Once they have 250 kilos, this is enough to make the final rush to 90 percent,” the level of enrichment required for a nuclear warhead, he said in a presentation to the Foreign Press Association.

“It is a matter of weeks or maybe two months to jump from 20 percent to 90 percent with so many centrifuges,” he said.


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  • Dr. Richard Welser

    Israel has zero (0) credibility… as do those who lend them credibility. Actually, I was in error. Israel has negative (-) credibility.

  • Mark Page

    more silly nonsense I see. next story will be “China invading US mainland, WW3 started”. you know you guys are now an internet joke right?

  • anonymous

    You are categorically and definitely wrong. Iran has one 1MM tons of Uranium and has already produce thousands of bomb. Air bomb.

  • Gonzo

    Israel has hundreds of nuclear warheads… Iran is entitled to have as man as it wants. And we hear that Hezbollah is receiving lots of money people are sending it from all over the world… Apparantly the world thinks that Israel is a mad dog that needs to be killed and is helping Hezbollah to acquite the type of weapons it needs to put Israel in its place.

  • JewsAREevil

    I know it’s a lie but deep down I hope they have few thousand mega Nukes to wipe out not only israel from the face of the planet but also countries that harbor any jew in them.

    • Peaceful

      You are THE example why Israel needs Nukes. The only difference is they are using them for defense and it is working. Israel is a peaceful nation!!

      • youareashill

        Oh that is rich, peaceful? When? How? Explain yourself. You do know what the word peaceful means, right?

  • Pravda01

    If you have nuke PLEASE point them at Jew-rusalem and Washington D. C. (District criminal).

  • Pearson Jeffrey Tucker

    Until Israel signs the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and allows inspections they should shut the f_ck up.

  • robertsgt40

    “Israeli minister claims Iran wants to build 30 nuclear bombs a year”? Wants? All 16 US intelligence angencies have declared Iran doesn’t have a bomb or even close. Israel, on the other hand…hundreds. BTW, Israel has been flying “the Iranians have a bomb mantra for over 30yrs.

  • sunburn

    The moment israel open its mouth get ready for shits of bull to come out.