Is It OVER For YouTube? – A Decentralized Alternative Is Here! (DTube)

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about the recent demonetization of countless YouTube channels.
In the past several months, YouTube has really stepped up their game demonetizing those with views that don’t fit official establishment narratives. Not only that, but completely non-controversial people doing video game tutorials and play-throughs.
With some of the top YouTubers affected, it was only a matter of time before alternatives would provide the services the customers are asking for and that alternative is here!
As we’ve gone into before at WAM, DTube provides people a censorship free decentralized alternative to YouTube which has been long awaited.
DTube is powered through Steemit, the decentralized alternative to Facebook!
You get paid by posting your video and if your video gains demand from an audience, people will upvote you and you will make money in STEEM the cryptocurrency.
Dan and Josh dig into why it’s necessary and why the future is on the blockchain.


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3 Responses

  1. noman Arizona says:

    When it gets more content. I’ll look at it.
    So far its just garbage.

  2. jawnee logik says:

    The psychopathic, retarded monkeys who claim to be “The Powers That Be,” have, apparently, not come to the realization that it is we, “the 99%” that actually conceive of, design, build and maintain all the shit that makes this world function!

    The only thing they have learned is manipulation. Whenever they feel like they’re losing control, they cover their eyes with their hands just like 2 year-old’s then go around thinking that we can’t see them and their obvious ploys.

    Give it up! You’re pathetic!

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