I get a call from a close friend in NYC last Friday. His career has been in private wealth management in the private bank department of the Too Big To Fail banks. He’s been looking for work and chats with old colleagues all the time. He called my Friday and told me he just got off the phone with a very high level private banker from a big Euro-based TBTF bullion bank, but who was at JP Morgan until about six months ago.

This guy told my friend that there is a scramble by many very wealthy European families/entities to get their 400 oz bars out of the big bank vaults. He knows this personally, for a fact. He said the private banker community is small over there and the big wealthy families all talk to each other and act on the same rumors/sentiment. The Bundesbank/Fed and the ABN/Amro situations triggered this move. He knows for a fact JPM tried to calm fears about 3 months ago by sending a letter to it’s very wealthy clients assuring them their bars were safe, in allocated accounts. He said right now those same families are walking into the big banks like JPM and demanding delivery of their bars or threatening to take their $100s of millions in investment portfolios to competitors. His wording was “these people are putting a gun to the heads of private banks and demanding their gold.”

I know this information is good because I know my friend’s background and when he tells me his source is plugged in, the guy is plugged in. Not only that, my friend’s source said that there’s no doubt that someone like a John Paulson, not necessarily specifically him, but entities like him or it may include him, have held a gun to GLD and demanded delivery of physical in exchange for their shares.

…what we are now seeing is the final stages of the paper gold/silver bullion market,
 which has grown at a parabolic rate over that last 13 years, and includes Comex futures, LMBA forward contracts, OTC derivatives – which is an even bigger paper market than the Comex – leased gold claims/contracts and warehouse receipts.

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At some point there will be an even bigger “run on the bank” by those looking for delivery of the physical gold/silver that they have been “assured” is sitting in their “trusty” bank custodian vault. I know for myself that I have seen enough from the JPM’s of the world to not trust anything they do or say. I think a lot more people are finally coming to that same conclusion. At some point there will be a complete collapse of trust in the paper monetary system and the price of gold/silver will really go parabolic, as the masses realize all at once – and far too late I might add – that everything that was rumored over the last 13 years about paper gold, gold leasing, etc is actually true.

Gold manipulation backfiring on West

Perhaps the irony of what Western banks have accomplished is finally settling in. As they suppress the price of gold, they’re helping Eastern nations accumulate at their manipulated prices. This is happening even as Western currencies are dropping in value, threatening massive inflation in coming years. If this trend progresses, gold’s price won’t only go up; the yellow metal will shift to Eastern shores, strengthening Eastern currencies in the process.

Make no mistake: This is a shift of wealth from West to East. The only recourse Western bankers have is to begin accumulating. But to do so will mean they must allow gold to run its course — a course that very well may be straight up in value. It’s a catch-22. Suppress gold and watch it flow eastward, guaranteeing the ultimate demise of Western economies; or accumulate, which will necessitate greater drops in the value of Western currencies. Either way, gold’s going up.


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