Is The Government Provoking America Into Martial Law?

The central bankers/US government have not cut off food stamps for the month of November. This will leave millions up millions of people hungry. Hungry become desperate and angry. There is a great possibility that these desperate people along with veterans could stage riots. The FED believes the unemployment situation will be getting better and sees improvement. NSA continually spies on Americans and is not creating social profiles to create threat analysis to determine who is going to be threat when the collapse occurs.


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  • Mourning for Our Republic

    Two times you used the word ‘not’ and I believe (deduced from the context) that both times you had intended to convey the meaning of ‘now’. You may want to make those corrections ‘now’.

  • benth163

    Considering what has gone on in the last year, there is no other way to consider it. They are testing the waters to see just how far they can push before the American public pushes back. They also know full well that with over 200 millions weapons in the hands of Americans, a civil war will not be won by government, no matter what type of weapons they deploy. No other country in the world has ever had it citizenry so well armed at the time its corrupt government wants to move to control every aspect of their lives.

    To me, it just proves that no matter who is voted into office, it makes no difference to the direction the country takes, as the control is by a Shadow Government behind the scenes pulling the strings of as many puppets as they can. It has become quite evident that many if not most of our elected officials have been compromised, some by overt threats against their lives, or against their positions. When the Puppet Master’s power controls the press, manipulating individuals who rely on public opinion for their livelihood is a cake walk. Those elected officials will do what their told.

    The part to remember, is that the United States has not won a war since WWII, because political contrived wars are not meant to be won, but to be sustained to support our war machine. But, when it comes to a civil war they must manipulate as many military and civilian police organizations to fight the government’s battles. This will be a hard row to hoe in America because there will be a diminishing resolve in those organizations to fire upon their brethren when we are armed to the teeth. It will not be so easy to kill us by the millions as did Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, who’s countrymen were only armed with hoes, pitchforks and swords or nothing at all. While they may see us as sheep, what they’ll find is that we are actually wolves dressed up like sheep. IE: You allow the tyrants to walk amongst the heard thinking they have everything under control. It is then, when they have passed their line of demarcation we throw off our sheep’s costume and devour them.

    • Warrior54


    • usmcmailman

      Exactly correct!

  • Human

    EVIL this way comes! Don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes.

  • usmcmailman

    YES !

  • David Armstrong

    I think there’s a type-o are in the first sentence of this article. Did anyone else catch this?

  • Arizona

    NOW, WHO WOULD believe OBOOZO would do something to start marshal law,not in demon loving america,everyone is deceived, to even believe our fearless demonic leader would do such a thing,HE might have been born in kenya,and he might be a fagot, and he might be the anti-christ,BUT he loves america,especialy fat blond haired young white boys,THE word is he likes american peterpan boys a lot,and so does almost every member of his government,say are we politicily correct yet…………………….

    • usmcmailman

      That would be MARTIAL Law !

  • usmcmailman

    Yes! The boy King is insane !