Is this alien life? Controversial scientists claim they have found ‘extra-terrestrial fossils in meteor fragment’

  • New paper reiterates claims made in January that meteorite contains traces of life from outer space
  • It reportedly landed in Sri Lanka in December after burning green in the sky, leaving bystanders with burns
  • Critics rubbish claims, saying that the researchers methodology is ‘even flakier’ than in first paper – and they have not ruled out contamination

Algae-like structures found inside fragments of a meteorite which struck Sri Lanka last year prove that life exists elsewhere in the Universe, a new study claims.

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A paper by an international team of scientists, their second on the subject, makes the extraordinary claim that electron microscope images of the rocks have revealed tiny fossilised life forms from outer space.

The authors are convinced that their findings offer firm evidence of panspermia, the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe and is spread by meteoroids, asteroids and planetoids.

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