Is this the world’s oldest body found in a bog? 4,000-year-old remains found in Ireland predates Tutankhamun

A mummified body dating back to 2,000 BC has been hailed the world’s oldest ‘bog body’.

The body, which was pulled from a bog in 2011, is 700 years older than the famous mummy of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

The young adult male, whose 4,000-year-old remains were found in County Laois, Ireland, is believed to have been a victim of ritual sacrifice.

Archaeologists have speculated that he could have been used in a type of ritual sacrifice, which was more common in the later Iron Age.

The mummy was dug from the Cúl na Móna bog in Cashel around two years ago by a Bord na Móna worker who was operating a milling machine, The Irish Times reported.

Experts first presumed that the remains dated from the Iron Age period, which stretched from 500 BC to 400 AD, matching other bodies found in Irish bogs.

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