It certainly cannot be turned around by voting for the two-party duopoly.

From Charles Ferguson, creator of the “Inside Job” documentar­­y…

Charles Ferguson: The Financial Crisis and America’s Political Duopoly

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“…My answer is this: far from being in an era of brutal partisan warfare, as convention­­al wisdom holds and as watching the nightly television news might suggest, the United States is now in the grip of a political duopoly in which both parties are thoroughly complicit. They play a game: they agree to fight viciously over certain things to retain the allegiance of their respective bases, while agreeing not to fight about anything that seriously endangers the privileges of America’s new financial elites. Whether this duopoly will endure, and what to do about it, are perhaps the most important questions facing Americans. The current arrangemen­­t all but guarantees the continuing decline of the United States as a nation, and of the welfare of the bottom 90% of its citizens.


In my personal conversati­­ons, I sense an emerging consensus based on nothing more complicate­­d than a sense of basic honesty, fairness, and common sense, qualities which the American people still have in abundance. Let us hope that this can be translated into some organized force that can put an end to the present political cartel. “


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