IT IS COMPLETE CHAOS: It Is Near Impossible To Get Gas/Food/Supplies, People Couldn’t Get To Work And Can’t Claim Unemployment And Media Is CREATING PANIC!

Sandy from the South Shore Long Island – Just got power & Internet back. Here’s the REAL DEAL
We have been cut off, out of the loop for days not knowing anything but what the local media on the radio had reported. Even getting power back we still have no TV. I just got Internet.The damage in my town and the towns surrounding me is moderate to severe. Flooding is horrible and no one had power. But we survived and lucky to have more than most elsewhere.Water is unusable and sewage treatment plants are down left and right. THE WATER SMELLS OF CHLORINE – SUPER STRONG!

it is near impossible to get. On a normal day I travel 70 miles a day into Nassau County and points in between. I quickly ran out of fuel and still find it impossible to get gas. I refuse to play into this panic and wait online 3-4-5-6++ hours just to get $40 of $4.89 gas.

Everyone wants a generator. All over the radio talk about them here or there. No gas but run out and buy that generator.

Food stores are hit or miss. I really feel this is the next big crisis. No deliveries are getting in. Twice now I have gone out to restock the fridge with new food and found foul milk being sold at King Kullen and Stop & Shop!

Controlled Chaos:
The politicians are making things worse. Media is hand in hand creating panic. All day long on local stations all they have is folks calling in reporting who has and who has no gas. I’m sure you hear the stories. People lines up hours waiting at a closed station for some delivery that may or may not arrive.

For example, Governor Cuomo in all his infinite wisdom announces 10 gallons of free fuel in mobile stations parked in western regions of the affected area. Lines form and quickly they tell everyone its for EMS vehicles only. Mayor Bloomberg holds a news conference an hour later telling people to go get the free gas if they need it.

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Most everyone I know couldn’t get to work on Friday. No gas. My job laid everyone off on Friday afternoon for all of next week. Calling it a work furlow just so you can’t claim unemployment! So now people need to worry how the hell they are supposed to feed their family losing close to 2 weeks pay.

Look it’s bad. Worst I’ve ever seen. Worse than Gloria back in the 80’s and much much worse than the 70’s gas crisis. Back then it wasn’t chaos. IT IS COMPLETE CHAOS.

I have seen fights in the streets. Accidents and cars broken down on the side of the road no gas. Flooding came far inland, trees and power lines down all over. LIPA can not tell us when the power will be restored fully and the whole situation is about to boil over into a full scale breakdown of society.

I can see how they control the chaos. Slowly ratcheting it up and now whipping it up into a full scale frenzy.

I know this is normal for a crisis such as this but hold on folks. I see it getting much worse yet! This was more than a “Hybrid Storm”. It was the start of it all! I am sure of it.

Just needed to vent and let you guys know what I see.

My situation is mild compared to most just a tad bit south and west of me. Some more strange things I have observed:National Guard troops at a gas station just north of me.

Military Humvee Vehicles escorting a 500 gallon fuel oil tanker.

Cash Only everywhere! Even if they have power the cashiers are being told to only accept cash. Others have said you must pay cash at gas stations. No Credit/ATM accepted.

Here are some local news sites, but most of them require you to sign up to read. You should be able to see headlines though.


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