It is confirmed: Japan gives up on decontamination… the world’s last hope has just evaporated.

They have given up on decontamination.

All over the MSM and not a peep.

That was the last straw on an eventual ELE unless they come up with technologies that do not yet exist.

This was my fist call on doom 2 years ago, sadly I may now be correct.

Tokyo will be barren, not to mention the rest of Japan.

Merrily, the people will still go about seeking Pokemon.

return home?

so very, very sad for all of us.

i am speechless at the magnitude of this news.

(Translation by Mia)Government officials held a meeting in Tamura-city in Fukushima prefecture to explain to residents that they need to look after themselves from now on. Originally they were aiming to reduce the level of contamination down to 0.23uSv/h (=added ionizing radiation 1mSv/y). However, they have now abandoned this aim and are not going to repeat any more decontamination.
The officials have suggested to residents that it’s ok to live there even if the level of radiation doesn’t go down below 0.23uSv/h as long as they monitor their exposure level by wearing the dosimeter and manage to live carefully inside their house so as not to be exposed to more than 0.23uSv/h.

Posted by June Mia

Video: (Caution – GRAPHIC!)



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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    This is a bit disturbing, however we all knew there was zero chance they could actually stop it. Now I just have to worry that the part about the end times in Revelations is coming true, when most of the seas will die. Looks like things are getting biblical and we are in serious trouble. It’s very sad, but many of us will not be surviving what the New World Order has prepared for us.

    • lifeofliberty

      Idiot. It’s spelled “Revelation”, not “Revelations”. If you want biblical, start with a spelling lesson, then do some research and investigate history, including the construction (and omissions) in the bible, who it was for, who wrote it and why. Then check out why nothing came true in the past 2000 years and you will (finally) learn why commentary like yours is a sign of deep ignorance, religious superstition and hubris.

      The only part you got right was that most of use will not survive. The rest of your rant is end times religious bullshit.

      • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

        My, what a raving, egotistical, loser you are……Go ahead and flame away moron, because I love it when trolls like you throw a fit……it really gives me wood…..