It’s Already Happening! A quick Google search for “Cash not accepted restaurants” gives us page after page that looks like this:

There are a variety of other industries that have taken the same steps (e.g. airlines) so it’s already well established in the consumer culture that cash is not welcome some places.

From there it’s a short hop and a skip to it not being welcome anywhere…

Still, I do wonder how the Congressmen, Silvio Berlusconi, et al., will pay for their hookers and blow discreetly?  What will the CIA do for funding without black market cash? I ask those questions only half facetiously.

I think Dave is right, Europe will go down this path first…and possibly not equally…Greece may find this a bridge too far for example, and not take it.  But others are nearly there already:

This country is trying to go cash-free

May 15, 2015

Denmark is inching closer to becoming the world’s first cashless country after the country’s government proposed that retailers should be allowed to only accept mobile and plastic payments.

This month, the Danish government unveiled a series of initiatives that included plans to eradicate laws that require stores to accept physical cash.

If parliament gives the go-ahead, clothing retailers, restaurants and gas stations could go cash-free by January 2016.

Yep.  Almost there…

Next step should be central planner nirvana, able to dial in any amount of forced spending any time they want…we’ll all be happy and secure then, right?