IT’S HAPPENING!! Yonhap: North Korea Issues Air Raid Alert, Orders Military Take Immediate Action – A Drill or A SIGNAL?

(URGENT) N. Korea issues air raid alert, orders military to take immediate actions…

Yonhap: North Korea’s state-run radio broadcasts “red alert”, believed to be an air raid alert

RT @mpoppel: Yonhap: North Korea’s state-run radio broadcasts “red alert”, believed to be an air raid alert

RT @mpoppel: Situation unclear after N. Korea broadcasts red alert on radio. No unusual military activity so far.

North Korea issues air raid warning, seen as drill…

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Analysts believe North Korea air raid warning is part of a drill but so far there’s been no confirmation – @W7VOA

“South Korea Says Air Raid Sirens Heard In North Are System Test #Breaking #NorthKorea

“When the drills turn into a battle, the enemies will be made to drink a bitter cup, unable to raise their heads, in the face of retaliatory blows of the strong revolutionary Paektusan army, he [Kim] said,” KCNA reported.

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North Korea has threatened to target US airbases in Okinawa and Guam as it issued an air raid alert on Thursday and ordered its military to stand ready, the country’s state media reported.

The United States is advised not to forget that our precision target tools have within their range the Anderson Air Force base on Guam where the B-52 takes off, as well as the Japanese mainland where nuclear powered submarines are deployed and the navy bases on Okinawa,” the North Korean command spokesman was quoted as saying by KCNA news agency.

Air raid sirens in North Korea going off

U.S. Nuclear Submarine Docks at Busan
The nuclear-powered U.S. submarine Cheyenne entered a Navy port in Busan on Wednesday to take part in a joint South Korea-U.S. maritime drill that began last Wednesday.

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