It’s not your mansion anymore! Family of squatters who took over $3MILLION Memphis home are evicted by SWAT team who crash through locked gates in an armored car

  • Extremists broke into foreclosed house this week and refused to leave
  • SWAT team arrives at property after children’s grandparent files complaint
  • Ringleader Tabitha Gentry drives away from mansion in a Jaguar

A family of extremist squatters occupying a $3million mansion in Memphis, Tennessee has been evicted by an armed SWAT team which gained entry by smashing through the gates.

Police were apparently called to the house last night after a grandparent of one of the children inside asked them to intervene.

The decadent four-acre residence, complete with a home theater and swimming pool, was foreclosed in August 2011 and had been sitting empty for 18 months.

But earlier this week, the squatters, claiming to be ‘Moorish American Nationals’, broke into the home, chaining the gate, and ignored a bank-imposed deadline to vacate.

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Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

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