IT’S OFFICIAL: CNN is already using the loud guy as the poster-boy of the mainstream crusade against conspiracy theorists.

I quoted some hot parts of the last CNN article painting the final portrait of conspiracy theorists as a “threat to the free world”based in the fiasco of the loud guy in front of Piers Morgan.

“(CNN) — Conspiracies abound, Alex Jones will tell you.

Bankers pull the strings on world governments to solidify their power. Companies are harming you and ducking responsibility. Antidepressants are “suicide mass murder pills.” President Barack Obama is using drones against Americans.

And the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, was engineered by the government.

Now, he’s attacking CNN host Piers Morgan, depicting the British native of being a “red coat” out to step on Americans’ rights and calling for his deportation.

In recent segments on Morgan’s show, Jones accused him of wanting to take Americans’ guns, hurling insults at Morgan in between shouted arguments(…)

It’s just all in a day’s work for J…., who simply sees himself as a bulwark against efforts by everyone from the Gates Foundation — run by Microsoft founder Bill Gates — to conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh to undermine the free world.

Rolling Stone once called him “the most paranoid man in America.”

In a commentary on his website, J… objected to the use of the word “paranoid,” but otherwise corroborated the accuracy of the Rolling Stones article, which described an extreme distrust of prominent world institutions, leaders and media figures(…)

Their theories range from “suspicion to full-on paranoia,” he writes, and they see arguments to the contrary by others as attempts to cover up the evidence.”

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