Its Official: Martial Law In Ferguson: Governor Brings In ‘National Guard’

Here’s a legal definition of martial law: “The exercise of government and control by military authorities over the civilian population of a designated territory.”

Early Monday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to Ferguson, Missouri following another night of violence.

Nixon had previously ordered a Midnight to 5AM curfew but it has not stopped the insanity. Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning shots were fired at police and Molotov Cocktails were thrown.

Though Ferguson has already been under an unofficial state of martial law, there is no more debate. The militarized police state is not technically the military, but now it can not be denied. Ferguson is under martial law.…


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  • Strayhorse

    Martial Law will never work in Ferguson, any part of Missouri or the United States at large. Why? The same reason people like Jessie James rose to fame. When the government rapes it’s citizens of their future, kills mothers, sisters and children the citizens get mad enough to bring in their own national guard – guerilla fighters, freedom fighters, spies, sympathizers, and True Patriots. Martial Law won’t work in America. Never has; never will. Even if foreign troops are allowed to be deployed in America because American military personnel refuse to fire on American citizens, there are too many real Patriots in America who are armed, trained and dangerous as hell. It would be advisable not to piss off our God.

    • Mick McNulty

      That was good until I got to God. It’s an ancient belief in white magic. Hocus pocus.

  • Incriminally Sane

    August 15th 2014 the US Army published ATP 3-39.33 states that they have the authority to kill Protesters in the Continental US (CONUS) and Outside the Continental US (OCONUS) ………Is this timing just amazing or what?