It’s Official! The Courts Have Made A Ruling That Will Change Immigration Forever!


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  • Lophatt

    Yeah but Seattle is going to spend tons of taxpayer dollars on defending them.

  • Zaphod Braden

    —— RULES of SANCTUARY ——-
    The bible established 6 “sanctuary” cities …… if you fled to them, you could NEVER return.
    you want “sanctuary? you live by the RULES,
    but ILLEGALS broke the RULES to get into America so they cannot HAVE sanctuary
    because ILLEGALS don’t want to live BY THE RULES of sanctuary
    The fugitive had to remain within the walls of the sanctuary, abandon his or her oath to the king, followed which they had a short period of time to leave the country.
    READ THAT AGAIN — “a short period of time to LEAVE THE COUNTRY.”
    They were considered to be “dead”, so much so that their land was forfeited to the King and their wife considered to be a widow. If they refused to renounce their oath, they could be starved out of the sanctuary.
    Henry VIII of England even took to branding them with a hot iron before they left the country just in case they tried to return; they could then be quickly spotted and arrested.