It’s On: After Saudis , Bahrain, Sudan and UAE sever ties with IRAN

Bahrain and Sudan have announced they are cutting off diplomatic relations with Iran following the storming of Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran, while the UAE said it was reducing the number of Iranian diplomats in the country.

Bahrain authorities said they have demanded that Iranian diplomats leave the country within 48 hours.

The decision was announced by Bahraini Media Minister Isa al-Hamadi.

“Bahrain decided to break off diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and calls upon all members of the mission to leave the kingdom within 48 hours,” Bahrain state news agency BNA said.

The Sudanese Foreign ministry also announced it is cutting diplomatic ties with Iran.

Saudis set to ‘sell off’ all its stake in IRAN.

Savola, one of the few Saudi companies with a presence in Iran, may be sold in the wake of a diplomatic row between the two countries over the kingdom’s execution of a prominent cleric, a report says. 

Iran provided 11% of Savola’s total revenue in the third quarter of 2015 and the company’s revenues for Iran totaled 2 billion riyals ($534 million) in the first nine months of 2015, according to Reuters data.

Even before the fallout, the company was under scrutiny in Iran, with several lawmakers questioning Savola’s perceived monopoly over edible oils business in the country and local producers accusing it of dumping.

The Saudi company owns 80% of shares in Iran’s Behshahr Industrial Company which accounts for 40 percent of the country’s edible oil market.



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  • Occams

    The Jewish Plan begins…..

  • hvaiallverden

    Once again.
    The ww3 comes closer, and while the insanly evil Saudis are whining about their ambasy been hammered, the west and the sickos conviniently jumps over the insane Saudis bombings of civilians, wedings, children schools, hospitals, infatructure and so on, but thats Ok with the west and the happy headchopping saudis.
    Even in Norway Iran is blamed for everything, and Iran is the problem.
    Iran, compared to Norway whom have bombed and is with militray imperial forces in africa and midle east, and have made war on Mulism countrys 15 years, and in the mean time Iran havent done anything, expet for helping Yemenits, a people that is fighting them all, and the only one helping them is Iran.

    And litle Norway have bombed 7 countrys, and slaughtered with their masters millions.

    While nobody talks about Saudis, with mercs from even south america.
    But hey, dont bother use your mind, you know, thruth and shait like that can inflic serious wounds.

    This is pure propaganda from the western evil axes and watch wurse, is that Your happy headchopping Saudis are your heroes and freinds, Yankees, and now suddenly its all about Iran.
    I am infact not supriced, since the Syrian theater turned into an fiasco, they morphed and probably
    accelerated the 5 countrys in 7 yeas, and gave the saudis, the devils incarnated on this earth the go ahead, since they and the UssA knows this will fuel ever more hate and violence, and on topp of it made the
    entrie event of this sick Saudis killings, to be about Iran.
    How f….. conviniante.

    And scums fom the Imperial banana republic aka murder Inc, the UssA, and its spokes persons drule something about Iran and lies about everything.
    Cellective dementia.
    Iran didnt start the war with Iraq, even Russian internett sites writes the same lies about Iran, the same Russia that lets the insanely evil scums of Israel continue with their slaughtering of people. The same Russians whom is
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    I wounder what are they bombing, sand dunes.
    The same Russia is lying thrue thrie theets about Israel.
    NEVER, ever truts Russians, never, never ,never.
    its not funn, since Russia is my second home, but they arent what we think they are, and now, well, i dont know, but someting stinks high heaven. Its the Jews/ZioNazis that own Russia, this Khodorchowsky was an PR capagne, to give the impression of doing something, while even more rotten jewish scums own the Russians ind. and rescoursess, and I know, because they occupy our land, the jews owns it, and Russians is rotten club of jewish scums.

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