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It’s RON PAUL or BUST for AMERICA!!! Check out the music videos, cartoon animations & George Carlin clip below…

Dr. Paul’s solid understanding of economics through the Austrian Perspective which calls for limited government and the protection of our personal liberties qualifies him and puts him light years ahead of the other economically challenged and corrupt political puppets…


His strong position against the Federal Reserve’s role in our monetary policy, consequent bankrupting our economy and undermining of the integrity of our economic system speaks to the core problem…


or try…

and finally…

Even the late great George Carlin understood what is going on in our increasingly fascist gov’t (the merging of state and corporate powers leading to crony capitalism, puppet governments and elitist corruption, control and manipulation).


Hope you enjoyed the videos. Spread the word. Reply to this thread. Help the videos go viral and hopefully support Dr. Ron Paul. Thanks to others who have posted these and similar materials on the message boards. Brothers in freedom all! Here’s to the protection of our constitutionally guaranteed rights and liberties!





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