James Dines: ‘The Great Recession.’ No, we have continued to predict that it’s the ‘Coming Great Depression.’



With continued uncertainty in global markets, today King World News interviewed legendary James Dines, author of The Dines Letter.  Dines told KWN the world will see a “Coming Great Depression.”  He also discussed whether gold and silver remain in ‘Super Major Uptrends.’  Here is what Dines had to say about what is taking place:  “All nations are now suppressing their own interest rates.  People who are looking for income either have to buy the higher yielding risky bonds or buy stocks.  So, government’s low interest rate policies are forcing investors to take more risks.”

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James Dines continues:


“The result of this, is we have a speculative boom in hot new issues, social networking stocks and some high techs, just like the market top around ten years ago.  So, for many, the dangers are great.  Eric, you remember my frequent and shocking predictions of the coming ‘Age Of The End Of Jobs,’ due to robotics, the coming ‘New Social Order,’ and the coming ‘Second Great Depression.’


Just witness the riots going worldwide these days, including the open emergence of anarchists.  We all should remember that an anarchist’s assassination started World War I….




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