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Japan finds highly toxic strontium in Fukushima groundwater!!! Tepco wants to release this into ocean. Criminal!

Japan finds highly toxic strontium in Fukushima groundwater

High levels of a toxic substance called strontium-90 have been found in groundwater at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

Strontium-90 is a by-product of the fission of uranium and plutonium in nuclear reactors, as well as nuclear weapons.

The discovery of rising levels of such radioactive material is likely to complicate efforts by the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), to get approval to release what it describes as water contaminated with low levels of radiation into the Pacific Ocean.

TEPCO is being overwhelmed with contaminated liquids as it flushes water over the three reactors at the plant that had meltdowns after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami knocked out power and cooling systems.


… Tepco wants to release this into ocean. Criminal.

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