Jason Chaffetz Testifies Against Obama & IRS Crimes To Congress – Hillary Next?

by Thinker

How many times can someone lie, commit fraud, and steal and get away with it? Ask Obama, Clinton’s, Bush’s, or just put corruption behind the name when you Google it. What most of the world doesn’t know is in plain sight. Why isn’t anyone in jail yet? The secret societies that President JFK warned about and history shows murdered him to stop his actions and executive orders. Executive Order 1110 to eliminate the Federal Reserve, and the other executive order would have eliminated the CIA.

Both executive orders were redacted by the same vice president Obama went to Dallas the place of the murder of JFK on Martin Luther King Day. Most of the long speech by Obama didn’t praise MLK, but the vice president who kept the existence of the Federal Reserve and CIA alive. Put corruption behind the Goggle search and it becomes understandable what President JFK could see. A man who was blessed with “Casandra Syndrome” and wanted to protect the people from what they are now experiencing around the world by the same group that took down the twin towers.

Truth is being destroyed to save evil! What organization in the government doesn’t have a history of corruption or either party. Now those at the bottom are letting their lips flow in fear of death just by association to anything Clinton or Obama. Truth shall conquer evil and it’s on the way! Who destroyed the truth and who is blowing the whistle on it? A man who wants to be sure to be on the right side, no matter what happens.

2014 Truth or Lies? – Obama: Not ‘even a smidgen of corruption’ in IRS scandal; Blames Fox News & Conservative groups. In the pre-game Superbowl interview, Obama said that there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” behind the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups. “There were some boneheaded decisions,” he said. “Not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgen of corruption.” Obama blamed O’Reilly and Fox News for the IRS controversy.

“These kind of things keep on surfacing because you and your TV station will promote them,” he said to Bill O’Reilly of such ideas. Obama then went on to blame the individuals who applied for tax exempt status saying that they only think only think the law is confusing – meaning he thinks Conservatives are idiots.

“What happened here is you have a 501c4 law that people think is confusing,” he said. “The folks did not know how to implement it.” Obama was asked why former IRS Commission Doug Shulman visited the White House so many times. He said Shulman was there to discuss ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

“I do not recall meeting him in any of these routine meetings,” he said

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