Jim Rogers – Obama the man on the White Horse

As we have reported regularly here at Natural News, Obamacare – which takes effect in its entirety January 1 – is going to be a mega-disaster for Americans. The law will create long lines at doctor’s offices; it will create – and then worsen – a shortage of primary care physicians and providers; it will not control costs, as advertised; it will cause insurance rates to go up (which is already happening); and – perhaps most important – it will even worsen unemployment and underemployment in America.

Per the Washington Post‘s Ed Rogers:

Right now, small businesses across America are making the final determinations on how to reduce the working hours of their employees so fewer employees qualify for the mandated, employer-provided health insurance. Employers are also deciding whether it makes more economic sense to pay a fine to the government or pay for healthcare benefits for their employees. What this means is that hundreds of thousands – and perhaps even millions – of Americans will learn that they are being dismissed from their employer’s healthcare coverage.

‘No one is talking’

Rogers, along with other writers, analysts and policy experts, say the coming tsunami of “healthcare pink slips” are most likely coming by late summer/early fall.


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How McDonald’s workers CAN’T live on their minimum wages: Fast food giant sets up website to help their employees budget better… and it recommends they get a second job

McDonald’s seems to be well aware that its employees are unable to survive on their minimum wages, so the company has come up with a solution – go out and get a second job.

The fast food giant became the object of ridicule this week when its financial planning site called Practical Money Skills for Life created back in 2008 in conjunction with Visa and Wealth Watchers International to help its workforce caught the attention of several media outlets.

The portal provides a sample monthly budget, which makes a series of assumptions that have been slammed by McDonald’s critics as both naive and condescending about the workers’ ability to supports themselves while earning $7.72 an hour after taxes.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2366370/Sample-budget-given-McDonalds-workers-proves-CANT-live-minimum-wages-need-second-job-make-ends-meet.html#ixzz2ZIsD3WFW
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