John Steppling: There is a massive propaganda campaign to de-legitimize Trump before he takes office

The most critical 14 days in the US history.

German officials say they cannot figure out US President-elect Donald Trump’s policies. Schaefer’s remarks followed a meeting between German officials and members of Trump’s transition team. There have been signs of disagreements between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in recent weeks. For instance, the U-S president-elect has repeatedly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin while Merkel has supported the extension of European Union sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. Earlier also German media reported that after watching a speech by the US President-elect, Merkel anticipated difficult relations between Europe and the United States in coming years.


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  • Adorable Deplorable

    “German officials say they cannot figure out US President-elect Donald Trump’s policies.” Give me a break. Trump won’t even have the job for two more weeks and he hasn’t solved the world’s problems yet. Oh my! And for the record, has anybody ever figured out Obama’s foreign policies?

    • Deplorable Shazaam

      Obama’s foreign policies?

      The “nobel peace prize winner” aka the US Laughingstock-in-Chief has only one aim in his foreign policy at the moment, and that is to leave a big steaming mess for his successor, Trump.

    • Nuthinbutnet

      Yes, very easily. The same policies they have had over the last 40 years.
      Incremental, or “death by a thousand cuts”.
      I wouldn’t know US policy either. It surely won’t be the same as the last 40 years.
      Any wonder. Merkel’s toast anyways. It’s called a movement. World-wide. Unstoppable.

  • Alabama Mothman

    Id much rather be here in the US than in that communist hellhole Germany.

  • hvaiallverden

    I can with all my back-ground say that Trump so far is behaving impeccable, infact the few times He have said something, like China I agree, and Taiwan is as much the Chines own problem, and they have an row of special tax systems witch they impose on others thru this fake Liberalism/Globalism with can make any harbor to an international zone where the respective Gov. gives China an country inside our country, where everything is run accordingly to Chines laws and regulations.

    This happens everywhere this days and its an part of the global war against workers everywhere, to undermine their own people they let this happen, and China have an credibility problem along with their constant whining, witch to be is pissing me of.
    I lost my carrier to slave labor and non regulations of anything, we cant fight slave labor, forget that.

    Somebody have to give in China, and this time its You along with other country’s whom uses this same sceem.

    And so on, I dont know how f….. stupid do they think we are, dont do that again.
    Beside, I hope, in the end, reason prevails, no need for creating trench wars, but so level things out for the benefit of us all.
    WE need every body, all the markeds, and to just look at Africa, where the potential for growth is massive.
    The Caucasus region is accelerating as we speak.
    South-Americans suffer under the attacks of the very same scums that is attaching Trump this days, staging coups after coups in that region, where the potential is berried under political and recourse wars, remember the School of Americans.

    Why dont we talk about that.