John Williams: The “Recovery” Faked By Phony Gov. Numbers



John Williams, of Shadowstats, stated in his latest commentary, “The recovery is an illusion.”  There are two graphs in this piece from Williams, which show highly manipulated and phony government GDP reporting versus the inflation corrected real GDP.  The difference between the two graphs is a shocking revelation of government propaganda at its best.  Here is what Williams had to say:  “The illusion of an economic recovery continued with today’s (April 27th) headline report of 2.2% growth in first-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) … Official reporting now shows that GDP activity has moved successively higher … Yet, no other major economic series has confirmed that pattern.  If the GDP data were meaningful, that circumstance would be nearly impossible.”

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John Williams continues:


“Indeed, the ‘recovery’ is an illusion that has been created as a direct result of methodological changes in government inflation reporting of recent decades.  Those methodological changes have resulted in an artificial lowering of official rates of inflation.  The faux growth problem is in the use of understated inflation estimates in deflating a number of economic series.




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