JPMorgan Wants Euro Dictatorship

The U.S. Banks analysis wants an authoritarian regime for the euro zone. The reason: Some States would not enforce the necessary austerity measures. Civil and labor rights could lead to destabilization. The policy is unable to take the necessary steps to save the euro.



“In the early days of the crisis, it was thought that these national legacy problems were largely economic: over-levered sovereigns, banks and households, internal real exchange rate misalignments, and structural rigidities. But, over time it has become clear that there are also national legacy problems of a political nature. The constitutions and political settlements in the southern periphery, put in place in the aftermath of the fall of fascism, have a number of features which appear to be unsuited to further integration in the region. When German politicians and policymakers talk of a decade-long process of adjustment, they likely have in mind the need for both economic and political reform.”

Yes, you read that right. It’s in dry, banker-ese, but the authors have basically said that the laws and constitutions of southern Europe are a bit too lefty, a product of their having been written by anti-fascists.


The JP Morgan vision for Europe



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