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Judge ACCEPTS Insanity Plea From Colorado Murderer of 12


The court clerk placed a written advisory of the ground rules of the plea before Holmes so he could examine it as Judge Carlos Samour Jr. read through all 18 points.

Judge accepts insanity plea in Colo. shooting case

The evaluation could take months. Holmes is charged with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Colorado judge accepts James Holmes’ insanity plea in theater shootings

Judge Carlos A. Smour’s ruling sets up the possibility that the notebook Holmes sent to his university psychiatrist days before the attacks will no longer be shielded under doctor-patient privilege.

Reportedly containing detailed descriptions and drawings of the shootings, the notebook was thumbed through by law enforcement officials in the University of Colorado’s mail room days after the attack. But because the court ruled last fall that Holmes was under Dr. Lynne Fenton’s psychiatric care at the time, lawyers and witnesses couldn’t discuss or see the notebook’s contents.

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