Judge Andrew Napolitano: Barack Obama Will Bomb Syria

Judge Andrew Napolitano Talks About America’s Future, And Believes Barack Obama Will Go Ahead And Bomb Syria. (Glenn Beck Program)


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  • Carl

    Once again, argung inside the accepted box that the media dedices. I like Napolitano, but not siting Israel’s push behind this war and this and every other president is just absurd. Even Rand Paul went to Israel on his move toward the presidency. Israel is behind this war, just like the Mossad was the driving force in 911. WAKE UP AND STOP PLAYING PADDY CAKE!

    • Abe Bird

      You’re like the Muslims, always blame others !!!!!! Grow up, lazy crooks !!!!

  • Pravda01

    Free America of Jewish occupation!

    • Abe Bird

      Pravda is not true in Russian !!!!