Julian Assange: “more than 97% of the [Edward] Snowden documents have been censored”

We can’t access them. That’s the whole point. Listen to the AMA. Snowden did not agree with Wikileaks’ uncompromising publishing method. Therefore he handed the files over to journalists and let them decide what to publish.

Whether one agrees with this or not is debatable. Personally, I find it impossible to judge this not knowing what information the original documents contain. However, the extent of unpublished information frankly shocked me.

source: his reddit AMA

@ 34 mins

Video starts at 14:25
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Julian Assange – Wikileaks founder

Recorded with youtube-dl on January 10, 2017 from twitch.tv/reddit.

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Timestamps (thanks to Zag Ski!)
14:25 Assange starts talking
15:28 Shout-out to reddit, twitter, voat, 4chan, including r/WikiLeaks, r/The_Donald, r/DncLeaks
17:12 Enormous publishing year ahead
18:00 Starts talking about AMA format.
20:00 Talks about UN appeal for his situation
21:00 Shout-out again to reddit users, talks about media ignoring material
23:00 Talks more about media distortion of the facts
23:30 Establishment media is a tool of the ruling class
24:00 Quotes Noam Chomsky
24:30 There’s a lot of bad independent media as well, to be fair
24:45 Q: Talk about your October, A: Talks about the embassy siege situation
26:15 During October there was pressure applied by Kerry, US Admin, toward Ecuador, resulted in internet connection cut off and increase in security environment there.
27:15 Wikileaks doesn’t publish from the Embassy, they publish from France, Germany, Netherlands, etc, wide range of countries.
29:30 No single person in wikileaks is a single-point-of-failure, if Assange is taken out, wikileaks can continue.
30:00 Q: Comparison with Edward Snowden http://archive.is/dyrwz
34:15 Glenn Greenwald is one of the best journalists publishing in the US
35:55 Q: About “nothing to hide” / mass surveillance
39:00 Q: About WikiLeaks twitter dox plan http://archive.is/HNCQG
42:00 Talks about twitter bubble / class system
45:15 Q: About information on RNC http://archive.is/4Ka5W
45:30 Answer: the information was already public, so wikileaks didn’t publish it.
46:10 Q: Why release the emails in a constant trickle? http://archive.is/lJulo
48:40 Talks about publication strategy
50:30 We publish unpredictably, to throw off the pre-planned media spin
52:20 Q: Address allegations of relationship with Russia http://archive.is/pBpjO
53:00 We have perfect credibility in terms of material released, we are constantly attacked via ad hominem
54:00 Wikileaks has published 800,000 documents about Russia (esp. in US Diplomatic cables), 2 Million about Syria.
55:40 Assange does not work for RT.
56:45 Q: Is Assange in charge of wikileaks twitter/facebook etc? Why the change in tone in October?
59:20 Q: About reddit r/WikiLeaks moderator situation http://archive.is/6XYUX
59:50 Reddit is not free from censorship
– 60:10 Q: Proof of life http://archive.is/mkWt6
– 62:00 A: Giving proof of life would give enemy a way to alleviate concerns about WikiLeaks
– 64:00 Best way to give proof of life is live video
– 65:20 You should be concerned about my safety, and direct that concern to US, UK, Ecuador Govt.
– 66:10 Assange’s internet has been restored, perhaps due to expressed concern of you all.
– 66:45 Fabricated messages and video were posted supposedly from wikileaks, on reddit, 4chan, “Anonymous”, etc, intended to undermine wikileaks support.
– 67:45 If this sort of thing happens in the future, ask yourself if what is claimed undermines wikileaks’ ability to function and publish.
– 68:25 We are confident about the type of support we will get if we get similar attacks in the future.
– 69:00 But support us now, don’t wait. We are in a difficult situation. See justice4assange.com.
– 70:20 Q: On Collateral Murder video http://archive.is/einsU
– 72:15 Q: On Panama Papers http://archive.is/pq925
– 74:00 Talks about Soros-controlled media organization[s]
– 76:00 Proof of this interview being current and legit — social proof
– 77:50 Discussion of blockchain hash proof — average person can’t verify if this is really “proof” so is not useful
– 80:20 Gives blockchain hash proof
– 82:20 Gives sports scores proof
– 82:55 Caution about future situations where we need proof of life
– 83:50 Live interactive video is the best proof of life
– 84:40 He thinks the vast public support and demand for his internet to be restored did play a part in making that happen
– 85:30 Video ends


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