June 2 is Leave the Office Earlier Day, Rocky Road Ice Cream Day, Love My Dentist Day, Radio Patent Day:

Leave the Office Earlier Day

The work-related holiday is not a day to slack off or leave unfinished work on your desktop. Leave the Office Earlier Day is a day to work smarter not longer. The Productivity Pro, Laura Stack, encourages you to pledge to working no more than an 8-hour day. How can you do this?

* Stack recommends delegating a task “if someone is capable of performing a task 80% as well as you can. We often have the misperception that only we can do a task perfectly.”

* Only attend work meetings when “your presence is really necessary.”

* Log how you use your time at work to discover surprising ways you may be wasting your time at work.

National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

The same man who came up with both Peppermint Stick and Toasted Almond ice cream flavors also created Rocky Road. Ice cream was typically served as a sundae and the only available flavors where vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. In 1929, Dreyer added chopped walnuts and bite-sized marshmallows to chocolate ice cream. According to Dreyer’s, he used his wife’s sewing shears to cut marshmallows into the bite-sized pieces. Dreyer and Edy purposefully chose the name Rocky to “give folks something to smile about in the face of the Great Depression.”

Mix and mash your own homemade Rocky Road ice cream like the pros. Use a clean plastic cutting board and two large serving spoons to stir in the ingredients. Start with chocolate ice cream and add nuts. Dreyer used walnuts which were later replaced with almonds in the recipe, according to Dreyer’s history. Toss in some mini marshmallows or top off your version with some marshmallow Fluff. You can also start from scratch. Or try Rocky Road Cookie Pizza.

I Love My Dentist Day

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Celebrate the person that helps you smile: your dentist. Dentists know their craft and are required to attend four years of college and be licensed in the state where they practice. The pediatric dentist receives an additional two or three years of training. This movable holiday occurs on the first Friday in June annually.

* Attend an I Love My Dentist Day event at a local children’s museum or library.

* Send a thank you card to your dentist’s office.

* Brush up on the pros and cons of teeth whitening procedures, courtesy of the American Dental Association.

* If you’re not pleased with your current dentist, find a new one.

Radio Patented (1896)

The person who gets the patent tends to get the credit. The early days of wireless telegraphy and radio are rife with controversy, overlapping research and similar devices by different inventors. Guglielmo Marconi was “was granted the world’s first patent for a system of wireless telegraphy” by the British Patent Office on June 2, 1896. In 1909 Marconi received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his “contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy.”

Scientists had been fiddling around with wireless telegraphy since 1802. James Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz developed the theory of electromagnetic waves and could detect them with sparks. A year before Marconi filed his patent, Nikola Tesla “discovered that he could transmit and receive powerful radio signals when they were tuned to resonate at the same frequency,” according to PBS. A fire destroyed his lab and his work, giving Marconi the leg up in the race to patent radio.

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