LA Shaken By Biggest Quake In Years LA Which Could Be Foreshock For Something Larger, Officials Urge Residents To Prep For ‘2 Weeks On Your Own’!

Los Angeles Shakes…

The magnitude-4.7 earthquake that rattled Southern California on Monday was the largest centered in the greater Los Angeles area since 2010, officials said.

“It’s been three years since we had anything this size this close to Los Angeles,” said Susan Hough, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. She cited a magnitude-5.4 quake that struck the desert area in July 2010.


4.7 Quake Reported in Anza

It happened along the San Jacinto fault between the San Andreas and the Elsinore faults

It happened along the San Jacinto fault between the San Andreas and the Elsinore faults.This is a fault famous for big earthquakes according to retired geology professor Pat Abbott, Ph.D.

“There’s always that slight chance – slight chance now – that this could be the foreshock of something larger. Probably not. Usually this is just an event all by itself,” Abbot said.

“It doesn’t hurt to keep it in mind, in the next 72 hours in particular,” he said. “If a larger one is going to occur it would probably be during that three-day period.”

Source: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Anza-Palm-Desert-Earthquake-196993061.html#ixzz2NHP5PADf
Officials Urge Residents To Prep For ‘2 Weeks On Your Own’

“A lot of people don’t realize that we are earthquake prone in California, but we also could get a tsunami,” Los Angeles County Fire Asst. Chief David Stone said. “We just haven’t had one in a long time.”

Residents were urged to prepare for a number of disaster scenarios, including how to cope for being at least “two weeks on your own”.

“The message for a lot of us needs to be, ‘Be ready for anything’,” said Battalion Chief Larry Collins. “The message used to be 72 hours, but we’ve seen in disasters like [Hurricane] Katrina, even [Hurricane] Sandy recently, that, really, if it’s wiped out your infrastructure, and your electricity grid and your communications, it will be very likely be more than three days before you start getting food, water and other supplies coming in from outside.”





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